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Air and Hotel
All the leading travel groups offer air and hotel travel packages. The reason for this is because packages can be assembled at a discounted rate when purchased together, and the online travel company can make two sales instead of just one. So in a way, purchasing an air and hotel package together makes sense for the consumer looking for a cheap flight as well as for a cheap hotel.

Las Vegas Air and Hotel Packages
Among the most popular packages those that whisk travelers to destinations such as Las Vegas. Although Las Vegas is not the only gambling destination, there are many others, Las Vegas is by far one of the most popular. So if you’re looking to get away Las Vegas on the cheap then the best thing to do is go for an air and hotel package. One of the bonuses is that many hotels on the strip will give you free dinner and gambling vouchers.

Air and hotel packages to major cities in the United States
Even if you are traveling to one of the major cities, or a city that is a little less than a major city, you will be surprised at the availability of combined air and hotel travel packages to many cities such as San Francisco, Miami, Buffalo, New York, Tucson, Santa Fe, Columbus, Toledo, Napa, Sonoma, Los Angeles, Chicago, Troy, Fort Lauderdale, Austin, Dallas, Puerto Rico, San Diego, Minneapolis, and many other cities.


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