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AirFare Deals and Specials
Many of the travel websites will have expanded search options so that you can search one day before and one day after your preferred dates so that you will be able to see if it will be much cheaper to fly on Tuesday, for example, instead of Monday. If it will save a couple hundred bucks, most people will make the switch.

Some sites also give the option to plug in a span of dates...say you want to travel sometime between June and July, but have no specific dates in mind...and it will find you the cheapest time to travel.

Finding cheap fares for flying can seem to be tough, especially during these days when companies like JetBlue have just raised their rates because the price of fuel was putting pressure on their bottom line. Delta airlines followed suit and raised the price of their tickets as well in order to remain profitable in the face of forecasts of higher fuel costs this year. This is the crux of the problem when it comes to finding the least expensive airfares: In a market where airlines are being squeezed to make a profit, and are thus raising fares and no longer engaging in price wars, how does the budget-minded consumer find the cheapest air fares?

The continuing trend on air fare prices
Even small discount airlines like Independence Air and Hooters Air have cited the high cost of fuel as being the reasons why they will no longer offer service, with the $99 flights offered by them now something of the past. What happened and what can we do to secure those cheap prices?

Unless you don't drive it's quite obvious what has happened to the price of gasoline, and the same pressures

are affecting the airline fuel industry. Instability in the oil markets due to current events are driving the people who purchase oil to bid ever higher per barrel, forcing to the price for a barrel to historic highs, prices that were unprecedented in the history of the oil markets. Unfortunately, more of the same is on the horizon. Travel to Canada, normally not an expensive flight, has gone up signifcantly, but booking reservations online can be cheap, the ticket prices you are looking for online are there, at the costs that are close to what you are willing to pay but it is taking just a little more searching to find the cheap ticket you are looking for, even to Australia, but they are out there. Here is a handy list of airlines, with links to their specials and deals on airfare tickets.

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