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Discount Airline Tickets.

Discount Airline Tickets

Finding discounted tickets to fly back east or out west can be a tricky endeavour. If you have been searching online for cheap spring tickets, or cheap tickets for summer, then you will have noticed that the prices for traveling have been rising. One of the reasons that inexpensive flights have been so difficult to find. But don't be disheartened because we will show you the ins and outs of how to find the best rates on airlines tickets.

The first thing to understand is how airlines set up their business for maximum profit, but leave loopholes for you to obtain very inexpensive tickets for flights within the United States, within Europe, disount airline tickets to and from Canada, and even to Central and South America. It doesn't matter where you are flying, as long as you are aware of certain things that the airlines do that make an opportunity for the bargain minded flyer. And we are going to show you how to take advantage of cheap flights that the airlines do not want you to know about!

In order to understand how to obtain discounted air tickets you must first examine how the airline business operates it's business. All airlines set up hubs. They all have areas where they specialize in. For instance, Southwest Airlines has a hub in Phoenix, Arizona. If you want to fly into Phoenix, you will do well to query the Southwest Airlines website at and first review their fares using our proven methods of finding inexpensive airlines tickets. Because Southwest airlines operates a Phoenix hub, that means many of the airlines flights are flying to and from Phoenix. Southwest Airlines also operates a hub from Midland Airport. So if you are flying from Oakland International Airport (OAK) to Providence, Rhode Island, you will first stop in Midland Airport (MAF) and then fly out on another plane to Providence. Midland is in the center and you can fly airplanes back and forth between it and the originating airport, and connect air passengers to the rest of the country by booking them on other flights going in and out of the hubs.

This isn't a practice limited to Southwest Air. All the airlines operate hubs. It will serve you well to search for the official web page of the airport you are visiting and then ascertain which airline operates a hub in that location, and then plan on flying through there. Chances are that you will score a significantly lower price if you fly using a hub airport.

However, sometimes you may not want to fly to a hub as a destination, as sometimes the airline with the hub may not have sufficient competition, and thus incentive, to provide a lower price, as they control more flights into that airport. So it can work both ways.

Here is a list of the most common hub airports used by the airlines

Airport Abbreviation City & State Airline
ABQ Albuquerque, New Mexico Southwest Airlines
ANC Anchorage, Alaska Alaska Airlines
ATL Atlanta, Georgia (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ) Delta Airlines
BNA Nashville, Tennesse American Airlines
BOS Boston, Massachusetts Virgin Atlantic Airways
BWI Baltimore, Maryland US Airways
CLE Cleveland, Ohio Continental
CLT Charlotte, North Carolina US Airways
CMH Columbus, Ohio America West Airlines
CVG Cincinatti, Ohio Delta Airlines
DAL Dallas (Love Field), Texas Southwest Airlines
DEN Denver, Colorado United Airlines
DFW Dallas / Fort. Worth, Texas American Airlines & Delta Airlines
DTW Detroit, Michigan (Detroit Metro Airport) Northwest Airlines
EWR Newark, New Jersey Continental
HOU Houston (Hobby), Texas Southwest Airlines
IAD Washington, DC (Dulles) United Airlines
IAH Houston (Intercontinental), Texas Continental
IND Indianapolis, Indiana US Airways,
JFK New York (Kennedy), New York Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines,
LAS Las Vegas, Nevada ( McCarran International Airport ) America West Airlines, US Airways
LAX Los Angeles, California American Airlines, United Airlines
MEM Memphis, Tennessee Northwest Airlines
MKE Milwaukee, Wisconsin Midwest Airlines, Northwest (Scaled back)
MSP Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota Northwest Airlines
MSY New Orleans, Louisiana Continental Airlines
ORD Chicago, Illinois United Airlines
MCO Orlando, Florida Delta Airlines
PHL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US Airways
PHX Phoenix, Arizona America West Airlines, Southwest Airlines
PIT Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania US Airways
RDU Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina American Airlines
SEA Seattle, Washington Alaska Airlines, United Airlines
SFO San Francisco, California United Airlines, US Airways,
SJC San Jose, California American Airlines
SJU San Juan, Puerto Rico American Airlines
SLC Salt Lake City, Utah Delta Airlines
STL St. Louis, Missouri  
SYR Syracuse, New York US Airways


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