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Students are on a budget, so it's important to get the cheapest airline tickets. We will show you how. keep reading and the secret for cheap, and we mean dirt cheap travel will be yours to take advantage of. We have researched the methods airlines have for inflating the cost of airline tickets and have found out how to beat the airlines at their own game so that you will be flying so cheap, the airlines will actually be losing money on your purchases! That's good for you, the budget minded college student who needs to fly but can't afford to be price-gouged by what the airlines are charging people who are unaware of discount air rates.

Lowest Coach Fare
Lowest coach Fare is the rate you will want to pay. Before we show you how to snag these great rates, we are obliged to tell you what you are in for when you purchase these tickets. While flying in first class is great, especially if you enjoy being pampered in deluxe settings, unless you are willing to spend several thousand dollars for what would otherwise cost you $120 (with tax), be willing to settle for a rock bottom service on a coach flight. While the flight attendants aren't willfully making your flight as miserable as they can, there is a noticeable attitude shift when flying coach. We've been told by flight stewards from several major airlines that there are some crews that hold coach flyers in extreme contempt for being budget conscious, and will often resort to willful rudeness against the passengers in order to pass the time. One crew member told me that they refer to the coach section as the "Misery Farm" because they routinely close off one of the restrooms, then turn on the seatbelt light on a long flight, in order to revel in the passengers discomfort. When flying on a rock bottom coach fare ticket, remember that while this isn't a hippie bus ride to Tijuana, you might end up wishing it were.

Thankfully, the experience of flying under extremely uncomfortable conditions is the exception and not the rule. Nevertheless the seats will be smaller and you will have little leg room. Our advice is to pick an aisle seat for easy in-out access, but also for the ability to hang a leg or two into the aisle. Flying coach can make you feel boxed in and inspire hunger out of sheer boredom and the unmitigated claustrophia-inducing quarters. So be sure to bring a bucket of chicken with you. You can roast a chicken yourself, of course, which is even cheaper. But if you splurge in a $9.99 bucket of the Colonel's finest, you'll also get mashed potatoes with gravy plus biskets- and a handy container for carrying it all. Especially on a long flight with multiple stopovers, you don't want to be caught hungry in an air terminal because airport food is generally very bad, and extremely expensive. Take our advice and bring the bucket.

In addition to flying coach for the lowest prices, you may also be subjected to enduring multiple layovers. I've been on flights where the last leg was nintey miles, which is an hour and a half driving distance, but the next flight wasn't due to arrive for five hours. Although frustrating, we were happy flyers because we were flying coast to coast for under $200- ROUND TRIP!

If you want rock bottom tickets, then flying coach is a given, as are multiple layovers. But to further drop the price of the flight you wish to take, you should look into a Flight Consolidator. A flight consolidator is a company that is aggregating empty seats on airlines all around the world and from the United States. Flight Consolidators are banned in some countries who object to forces that push the price of air flight lower than what is profitable in their expensive economies. Not so in the United States, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom where air traveling consumers know the value of their money and will not settle for anything less than below wholesale pricing. By going through a flight consolidator you may actually be flying so cheaply, the airlines would be better off paying you NOT to fly.

Which is why it's important to have a portable dvd player and/or an iPod to entertain you while waiting in an airport terminal for the next flight that will take you to the next leg of your student air travel itinerary. Staying fresh faced, comfortable and peppy is crucial on these grueling but incredibly cheap air flights. So be sure to bring along as many magazines, games, DVDs with you as you can.

Flight Consolidator
An airline consolidator acts like a discount wherehouse for tickets that need to be sold at drastically reduced rates. Many people don't know about these websites, but they are an excellent way for finding cheap student travel opportunities. A flight consolidator will typically receive flights to sell at rates that are cheaper than you can purchase from the airline themselves. Because flight consolidators have lower overhead, they are able to pass the savings on to the budget minded students. However, if those savings weren't incentive enough to go search for cheap travel tickets for students from an airline consolidator, then the fact that they charge less markup than a travel agent should send every travelling college student to their computer to purchase these super cheap bargain basement absolutely rock bottom priced travel tickets.

Alternate Cities
It is not uncommon to explore flying into or out of alternate airports. For instance, many people flying into Silicon Valley will fly in through San Jose Airport without considering that Oakland Airport (OAK)is about an hour away or less from most destinations in Silicon Valley, as is San Francisco's airport (SFO). It's a good idea to check out the rates for alternate cities, you will be surprised at the significant cost differences. Additionally there may be airlines flying in or out of those alternate airports that will not only give you better rates but also better flight hours and even less stopovers. Many searches allow you to create parameters for alternate cities, and if not then visit our hub page to see what alternate cities will serve your location.

Blackout Dates
Be mindful of blackout dates when planning your trip. Blackout dates are restrictions placed by the airlines on the dates on which you can fly and receive a discount. While it's nice to be able to fly on the specific dates that are convenient for you, budget constraints will dictate the dates that are best to fly in and out. For instance the Winter holidays may cause you to fly out earlier in the month of December, and perhaps fly back some time after New Years Day- or even on New Years Eve itself. Here's a good tip: Flying home on New Years Eve can not only be cheaper, but on the several flights we took the flight crew gave out free drinks all night long on a coast to coast flight. Cheap flight and free beer, what a combination!

Promotional Fares
These are fares that come up now and then. You usually find them in the newspaper. They come with restrictions but if you can adjust your itinerary to the sale dates, you can score a sweet deal on airline flights. One thing you should be doing, if you aren't already doing it, is to sign up for a "fare watcher" alert. Most sites like Orbitz and Expedia have the ability to set up a "fare watch" so that when airfare between certain airports reach a certain price, the airlines will send you an email alerting you to the promotional discount fare for students that are available.

Unsold Seats
Most airlines typically sell 75% of their seats. The remaining 25% that go unfilled represent a loss for them. They would rather sell those seats at a steep discount than allow an airplane take off with less than profitable amount of passengers on board. Sure, everybody dislikes a crowded plane, but if you're looking for a bargain, you might be able to snag a seat on an airplane that has many empty seats- even cheap first class air travel.


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